Eating well

Reasons to eat well

Eating well is often easier said than done. As the semester goes on and study and work commitments start demanding more of your time, nutrition is one of the first things to suffer. Finding time in your schedule to shop, prepare meals and packing a lunch to go is often difficult to manage. But regular, healthy meals can maintain your concentration and energy levels, manage stress and help you to stay well. Some tips to help you balance your time include:

  • prepare snacks the night before a full day at Uni, or if it is SWOTVAC and you are at home, during one of your study breaks. You may not feel so bad taking a break from study if you use the time to prepare the best fuel for your brain. It’s a holistic approach to studying well.
  • take breaks between classes to walk and grab a healthy snack.
  • don't skip breakfast; you'll find your mind wandering in class.

Many students are preparing their own meals for the first time at university. If you're a novice in the kitchen and want to learn how to cook healthy, cheap and simple meals on a student-friendly budget, book a place in UQ's There's More to Life Than 2 Minute Noodles workshop. You'll learn how to make a meal plan, easy meal ideas for bringing lunch to uni, food preparation tips to save time on cooking and more. 

Recipes for students

Looking for some fresh ideas to bulk out your recipe book? Here are some resources to get you started:

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Last updated:
9 March 2020