Eating well

'Eat well' sounds trite, but food does affect our ability to manage stress and stay well. Nutrition is one of the first things to suffer when we get busy, because it is easier to grab pre-packaged food instead of chopping veggies, but you can:

  • Prepare snacks the night before a full day at Uni, or if it is SWOTVAC and you are at home, during one of your study breaks.  Any chopped fruit or veggies, brazil nuts or pumpkin seeds are good. You may not feel so bad taking a break from study if you use the time to prepare the best fuel for your brain. It’s a holistic approach to studying well.
  • A great break between classes is to take a walk and grab a healthy snack.
  • Try to schedule salmon once a week to get some Omega 3 for your brain – otherwise regularly eating lean protein with salad or vegetables is a great choice.

Information that appears on the TCB Wellness website is general information only and is not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or instruction. The TC Beirne School of Law encourages students who have health-related concerns or questions to seek professional healthcare assistance, either from the student services provided at UQ or from their general practitioner.

Last updated:
6 March 2018