In this tok stori, Kabini Sanga will share the vision of the FFM for growing a new EEE  Solomon Islands, and invite attendees to explore potential opportunity spaces for understanding and (university) engagement.



Kabini Sanga is a Solomon Islands educator and mentor. He is a clan leader of the Gwailao of East Mala’ita. A leader-by-choice, he sews seeds of thought, encourages and advocates for the dignity of people groups; and champions Leadership Pacific vision of growing a new generation of Pacific leaders. The first Solomon Islander educator to obtain a PhD, Kabini was a twice Canadian Commonwealth Scholar, a former director of SICHE (now SINU), a former secondary school principal and a former director of the Institute of Education of the University of the South Pacific. Kabini offers advice to Pacific leaders on issues of ethics and leadership; and to governments and international agencies on issues of people development. Kabini works in Wellington as an Associate Professor of Education at Victoria University of Wellington; and is a member of the governing council of the University of the South Pacific.

About The Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law and UQ Solomon Island Partnership Seminar

Legal systems of former colonies are often burdened with a legacy of transplanted laws, developed for use in a foreign country. Today, Solomon Islands is struggling with a plural legal system and seeking to balance the demands of law from different sources, designed to operate in fundamentally different contexts. This seminar will examine the legal systems of Solomon Islands and the tensions between the different laws in force. It will discuss the court system and, more specifically, how the system has dealt with the aftermath of the tensions 2000-10. It will also touch on issues within the legal profession.


1-W341, Forgan Smith Building (1) UQ St Lucia Campus
Sir Samuel Griffith Room