Book launch December 2014
Book launch December 2014
  1. Beth Gaze
  2. Renata Alexander
  3. Trish Luker
  4. Bronwyn Naylor
  5. Hon. Sally Brown AM   
  6. Mary Heath
  7. Helen O’Sullivan 
  8. Jennifer Nielsen
  9. Heather Douglas
  10. Rosemary Hunter   
  11. Margaret Davies
  12. Mehera San Roque
  13. Kim Rubenstein
  14. Charlotte Steer
  15. Paula Baron    
  16. Wendy Larcombe
  17. Zoe Rathus
  18. Danielle Tyson
  19. Francesca Bartlett


Address to launch the book by Margaret McMurdo, President of the Queensland Court of Appeal



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The Australian Feminist Judgments Project is an inspired and innovative research project which investigates the possibilities, limits and implications of a feminist approach to legal decision-making. The project involves a group of feminist academics, lawyers and activists who have agreed to write alternative judgments in a series of Australian legal cases.

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