Embrace the unknowns of technology in the legal profession through undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Legal Reasoning, Technology and the Future (LAWS5229)

This course studies the automation of various aspects of legal reasoning and legal practice and its theoretical and practical significance. In the first part of the course, students are introduced to fundamental concepts in law and artificial intelligence and apply those concepts to theoretical debates around the automation of case-based reasoning and statutory interpretation. In the second part of the course, students will examine a number of aspects of contemporary legal practice that are likely to be affected by technological change. The course will emphasise giving students some familiarity with the use of various forms of digital technology in legal practice, and an understanding of the technology’s social and ethical significance.

Law and Technology (LAWS7151)

Legal and commercial rules and issues underpinning electronic commerce, including electronic banking, transnational electronic business transactions, electronic sale of goods and verification, cybercrime, jurisdictional issues and privacy.