Organised Crime and Corruption Forum

This four day event comprising public lectures, panel discussions and roundtable workshops explores a range of challenging issues concerning organised crime and corruption.

The Organised Crime and Corruption Forum brings together experts from government, international organisations, industry, the judiciary, legal profession, and academia to share experience, exchange ideas and develop practical outcomes for policy development, law reform, and further research.


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Criminalising Migrant Smuggling; Promoting Safe Migration

Day 1: 18 September 2017 2:00pm–5:00pm

 The smuggling of migrants poses a complex problem for criminal justice, international relations, and human rights. This event explores the causes and circumstances of migrant smuggling and the rationale for criminalising irregular migration. It examines existing measures to combat migrant smuggling and discusses a range of options to promote safe and regular migration.

The Smart Home as a Safer Space

Day 2: 19 September 2017 4:00pm–7:00pm

The smart home may be the site for new forms of potential criminal activity. Smart devices can be used as home-made surveillance infrastructure to harass and facilitate technology-related domestic abuse. Smart homes and their devices can also be hacked and held to ransom by attackers. The smart home thus gives rise to a number of significant legal, social and technical challenges.

Anti-Corruption in the Company

Day 3: 20 September 2017 2:00pm–5:00pm

Since the 1990s, multilateral treaties have called on states to implement a range of measures designed to combat bribery by private sector organisations. Anti-corruption treaties are enforced through multiple mechanisms of state-to-state (peer) review and justified by reference to harms caused by corruption to economies and societies, particularly in the so-called developing world.

Sports Corruption: Transnational Perspectives

Day 4: 21 September 2017 2:00pm–5:00pm

In this workshop, the issue of corruption in sport will be examined from a range of perspectives. Corruption’s relationship with sport is complex: sport may become a target of corruption itself, through systematic cheating by sports professionals and illegal gambling; sport may also become a tool of corruption, with significant infiltration by illegal networks and criminal organisations.