Organised Crime and Corruption Forum
Sports Corruption: Transnational Perspectives

Thursday 21, September 2017

Sports Corruption: Transnational Perspectives

Sports corruption In this workshop, the issue of corruption in sport will be examined from a range of perspectives. Corruption’s relationship with sport is complex: sport may become a target of corruption itself, through systematic cheating by sports professionals and illegal gambling; sport may also become a tool of corruption, with significant infiltration by illegal networks and criminal organisations.

These threats are not only local, but transnational. Showcasing international research in the field, with keynote presenters from Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific, the workshop will identify the emerging threats and best practice responses.

Underscoring the transnational significance of corruption in sport, it is anticipated that the workshop will invite participation of experts and students by videolink who are participating in a concurrent workshop in India. TC Beirne School of Law will offer an elective course on this topic, hosted by OP Jindal Global Law School in India, led by Dr Sarah-Jane Kelly and Professor Sarah Derrington.

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Keynote Speakers

Professor Jack Anderson is a leading sports law scholar, with an international reputation for his ground-breaking work in the field. A graduate of Limerick University, Jack obtained his PhD from Queen’s University Belfast where he is currently a professor. He will take up a position at the University of Melbourne Law School in mid 2017. He has been a senior research scholar at Limerick and a visiting fellow at Griffith, ANU, and Marquette and was a recipient of Leverhulme Fellowship.

Mr Dale Sheehan, Director of Capacity Building and Education at The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), has many decades of professional investigative experience in transnational crime and corruption in sport. As a former Assistant Commissioner of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and Director at INTERPOL, Sheehan has guided the development and implementation of INTERPOL’s prevention, education and training partnership with FIFA to combat match fixing in football, as well as implementing a similar programme with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Hosts: Professor Simon Bronitt and Professor John Mangan (The University of Queensland).

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