1. Participation in the Pro Bono Roster and allocation to a pro bono activity is on a purely pro bono basis. This means:
    • No remuneration is to be accepted by the student, even if it is offered by a participating organisation;
    • No academic credit is awarded.

  2. Registering on the UQ Pro Bono Centre Roster and being allocated to a pro bono activity is a serious commitment.  Students agree to uphold the following responsibilities:
    • The student will keep confidential all client and other confidential or sensitive information received by the student during his/her participation in a pro bono activity;
    • The student agrees to fully disclose any information that could lead him/her into an actual or perceived conflict of interest at any time during his/her participation in a pro bono activity;
    • The student will perform all work in a timely and professional manner and in accordance with instructions from the organisation;
    • The student will dress appropriately and in accordance with the customs of the organisation. 
  3. A student who is successful in being allocated to a pro bono activity consents to the UQ Pro Bono Centre sharing their contact details with the organisation and with other students, where relevant.
  4. Students will keep their contact details on the Pro Bono Roster up to date and contact the Centre Administrator, Hannah Fannin on 07 3365 8824 or h.fannin@uq.edu.au if these details change.
  5. Students will be required to complete a Roster Activity Registration Form for each pro bono activity undertaken.
  6. If a student has a query or concern about his/her ability to uphold the student’s responsibilities, the student will contact the UQ Pro Bono Centre on 07 3365 8824 or probono@law.uq.edu.au.
  7. Students will complete a Student Evaluation Form upon completion of pro bono activity and return to UQ Pro Bono Centre at probono@law.uq.edu.au or by dropping in a hard copy to Law School reception.
  8. While all effort is made to be fair and equitable in the selection of work offered through the Pro Bono Roster and in the selection of students for these roles, students are reminded of the Student Grievance Resolution policy and process (available UQ Policy and Procedures Library 3.60.02 and particularly section 6.) in the event of a complaint/grievance.
  9. From time to time students and hosts will be contacted to ensure all parties’ satisfaction with placements.