Barrister requirements

Barristers often take on short-term, research-intensive pro bono tasks requiring them to produce high-quality work within a very limited timeframe.

The Barrister Assistance Team (BAT) is a program that resulted from a trial collaboration between LawRight and the UQ Pro Bono Centre in 2017. It enables barristers undertaking pro bono or public interest matters to utilise the emerging skills and assistance senior law students are able to provide. 

BAT is a group of pre-screened, suitable senior students who can carry out pro bono research and assistance to a high standard and meet strict time deadlines.

Student applicants

Only senior law students (preferably with demonstrated research experience) are encouraged to apply to join the BAT.  Only applicants deemed suitable by Pro Bono Centre staff will be accepted onto the Team.

Opportunities to assist barristers often arise within tight timeframes.  You should only nominate yourself for an opportunity if you are confident that you will have the capacity to provide assistance within the given timeframe.  You are also encouraged to request Centre assistance (or back-up) if the task is more than originally anticipated.

Opportunities advertised through BAT will often require an immediate start. Responses to the advertised opportunities will often be accepted or rejected on a 'first come, first served' bases. BAT opportunities are not advertised through the general Roster/StudentHub system.

Start by joining the Pro Bono Roster

Applications to join BAT will usually be called for via the Pro Bono Roster each semester as senior BAT members graduate and the team needs replenishment.  Students remain on the Team until graduation or until they choose to withdraw due to changed commitments.

Join the Pro Bono Roster