Researcher biography

Dr Xan Chacko joined the TC Beirne School of Law in 2018 as a Research Fellow, in a team working under the leadership of Professor Brad Sherman, on the ARC Laureate project 'Harnessing Intellectual Property to Build Food Security'. Dr Chacko studies the history and practices of the production and diffusion of botanical knowledge in the twentieth century. She was awarded her PhD in Cultural Studies with designated emphases in Feminist Theory and Science & Technology Studies from the University of California, Davis in 2018. Her dissertation, "Moving, Making, and Saving Botanic Futures: The History and Practices of Seed Banking." is a comparative history of seed banking as a practice and as a particular strategy that is being taken up in the wake of the unprecedented anthropogenic environmental changes, including mass extinctions. Dr Chacko holds a Master of Science in the History and Philosophy of Science jointly from Imperial College London and University College London. Dr Chacko's current research compares different approaches to seed banking by studying the everyday tasks of collecting, sorting, and saving seeds, as well as, the organisation of physical, digital, and intellectual property of the banked seeds.