David is a PhD candidate at the TC Beirne School of Law. David’s PhD project examines the theory, motivations, objectives, and expected impact of the new draft Ecuadorian intellectual property (IP) law, which is entitled the “Organic Code for the Social Knowledge and Innovation Economy of Ecuador” (the “Código Ingenios”). David’s research focuses especially on components of the Código Ingenios that are relevant to Andean agricultural practices, food sovereignty, and traditional knowledge. However, the project also broadly investigates how the Código could represent a redefinition—or reconceptualisation—of legal frameworks granting intellectual property rights, both within Ecuador, regionally, and internationally.

David holds a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree from the University of California and a Masters of Arts in Community Psychology from Suffolk University. David has conducted work in the area of intellectual property law for several years, including under the auspices of a United States Fulbright Scholar grant, and as a Law & Policy Analyst with the Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture (PIPRA), based at the University of California, Davis.