Sarah Fulton is a dual-qualified lawyer and Senior Legal Officer at the Australian Law Reform Commission.  She has previously practised as an international arbitration lawyer at a top-tier London law firm, and in non-government organisations focused on improving individuals’ access to justice for international crimes.

For a number of years, Sarah was International Legal Advisor at REDRESS, a human rights organisation based in the United Kingdom, leading its programme to promote standards at the international level on the prohibition of torture and provision of remedy and reparation to victims. She has also worked as a research consultant for other international NGOs, including advising on the drafting of anti-torture laws in Afghanistan, conducting a comprehensive survey of European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence on torture, and co-authoring country-specific supplements to the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict for Burma and Sri Lanka. Prior to this, she worked in Timor-Leste as a legal researcher and trial monitor at the Special Panels for Serious Crimes with a leading East Timorese NGO.

Sarah has successfully represented clients in cases before domestic mechanisms, regional human rights courts and international bodies including United Nations human rights committees, often in partnership with victims’ rights organisations.  She has also led the drafting of amicus curiae briefs in leading cases on human rights, including before UK, Canadian and US courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

Sarah is a graduate of UQ (Arts/LLB (Hons I)) and received a Commonwealth Scholarship to complete her Masters of Laws at University College London.  She was previously Associate to Justice Margaret McMurdo, President of the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Queensland, and Research Assistant to Lord Justice Lawrence Collins in the Court of Appeal of England and Wales.

Select publications

Book Chapters

Fulton, Sarah and Mandira Sharma (2020), ‘Raahat ki Ahaat: Reparation in Post-Conflict Nepal’, in Reparations for Victims of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, Carla Ferstman et al. (eds.), 2nd ed. Brill, Nijhoff.

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Fulton, Sarah (2005) ‘Rosemary Hunter’ in A Woman’s Place: 100 years of Queensland Women Lawyers, S Purdon and A Rahemtula (eds.), Supreme Court of Queensland Library, Brisbane, 265-275.

Journal Articles

Fulton, Sarah (2014), ‘Redress for Enforced Disappearance: Why Financial Compensation Is Not Enough’, 12 (4) Journal of International Criminal Justice, 769-786.

Fulton, Sarah (2012), ‘Cooperating with the enemy of mankind: can states simply turn a blind eye to torture?’, 16(5) International Journal of Human Rights, 773-795.

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Fulton, Sarah (2003), ‘Case Note: Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs v Al Masri’ 22 UQLJ 251.

Reports and Manuals

REDRESS and Institute for International Criminal Investigations (authors Isabelle Lassee and Sarah Fulton) (2018), Supplement to the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict: Sri Lanka-Specific Guidance for Practitioners, March 2018.

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