Kencho holds a Master of Intellectual Property law degree from Australia (2010), a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration from Bhutan (2006) and a Bachelor of Science degree from India (2005). He has worked for more than ten years in the field of legal and policy development for Bhutan’s intellectual property sector and is a professionally trained intellectual property examiner.

Project Title: Control of Cotton in Colonial India: Early Legal Regulation of Plant Intellectual Property

Supervisors: Professor Brad Sherman and Dr Susannah Chapman

Project overview: Kencho is a PhD candidate on the 'Harnessing Intellectual Property to Build Food Security' ARC Laureate Project at the UQ Law School. His research engages with history and law on agricultural systems and plant intellectual property. 

He is interested in colonial agricultural laws, practices and early legal arrangements on plants and crops, and linkages to the modern plant intellectual property system.


  • Peldon, Kencho (2009) ‘Intellectual Property, Access to Medicines and Public Health issues in Bhutan’, Journal of Bhutan Studies, Volume 21, 2009, Thimphu, Bhutan