Xuyu Hu is a Associate Professor of Law at the Nankai University Law School. He graduated from Tsinghua University Law School, and has a Ph.D. in Civil and Commercial Law. His scholarship focuses on Maritime Law, Contracts Law and Property Law. His book, “Study on the Objective Rational and Value Judgment in the Legislation of the Basis Liability of the Carriers of the International Carriage of Goods by Sea”, was published in 2012 by Beijing People’s Publishing Press and received a high academic evaluation. His academic articles have appeared in numerous CSSCI journals and law reviews, including China legal Science, Tribune of Political Science and Law,Law Review,Modern Law Science,Science of Law,The Jurist,Tsinghua University Law Journal, etc..In 2016, he undertook the Special Research Project of Ministry of Justice P.R.C, “Study on China port operator responsibility system under the Rotterdam Rules” and “Study on the legislation of the carrier's liability in the international carriage of goods by sea”. Associate Professor Hu won “The Outstanding Achievements Award in humanities and social sciences of 2012 ” and “The Outstanding Achievements Award in humanities and social sciences of 2017” of Nankai University. He is also an Arbitrator of Tianjin Arbitration Commission, and a part-time lawyer.

Associate Professor Hu is a Visiting Scholar at The University of Queensland TC Beirne School of Law, from August 2016 to September 2017. Whilst at the TC Beirne School of Law, he will research in collaboration with Professor Craig Forrest and other academic staffs into Contract Law, Property Law and Maritime Law focusing “The future development of the allocation of mandatory contractual liability in commercial contracts -volume contracts in the Rotterdam Rules” ,"Comparative law on models of transfer of ship ownership —with explaining systematic logic and legal effect of laws of china as the core", and “The protection of the interests of sellers under the FOB trading conditions of the Rotterdam Rules.”