Contract law provides an essential legal framework for every business transaction. This research will compare Australian and Chinese contract law, with a view to facilitating mutual understanding and legal dialogue and promoting trade and investment between the two countries. It probes theories and practice that shape the landscape of each system and adopts an innovative approach which identifies and evaluates their differing judicial solutions to shared real-life contract problems. The findings from this research will be valuable in informing Australian and Chinese policy-makers, lawyers and businesses with respect to crossborder commercial transactions and in strengthening Australia's position in the Asia Pacific Region. The economic ties between Australia and China can be greatly enhanced by a deeper understanding of each other's contract law system and how these two systems approach similar contract problems. This study will fill a gap in the existing literature and will provide a definitive reference for legal research, legal reform and legal practice. It will assist policy-makers, lawyers and businesspeople in approaching issues to which both Australian and Chinese contract law have relevance.

This research is funded by the Australian Research Council's Discovery Early Career Research Award (project number DE150100425).

Project members

Professor Qiao Liu

Honorary Professor
TC Beirne School of Law