South Pacific island countries, all of which are LMIC (low or middle-income countries) face many global challenges, not lease the adverse effects of climate change, threats to biodiversity, the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources and problems of sustainable management of these resources including marine resources. These countries also have plural legal systems - largely as a result of colonialism, in which there are a number of sources of law which govern the lives of Pacific Islanders.  This project aims to provide an opportunity through networking to hear women's voices on customary law in the plural legal systems of Pacific island states, particularly in respect of using customary law and custom in a plural and holistic approach to the sustainable management of marine resources.

Funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant led by The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Project members

Dr Sue Farran, Newcastle University

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Professor Emerita Jennifer Corrin

Professor Emerita
TC Beirne School of Law