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  • Professor Graeme Orr has published an article in The Conversation examining the idea of regulating ‘truth’ in political speech.
  • The TC Beirne School of Law 3 Minutes Thesis (3MT®) was held Friday 12th July. Three Minute Thesis (3MT) celebrates the exciting research conducted by PhD students. Developed by The University of Queensland, the exercise cultivates students' academic, presentation, and research communication skills. The competition supports their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.
  • The third Pasifika Law and Culture Conference: After Paris, After Winston – the PACIFIC was held at Victoria University of Welling from the 4th to the 6th of July.
  • UQ Law Professor Heather Douglas has given evidence at the parliamentary inquiry into proposed laws to decriminalise abortion in Queensland, Amendment Bill 2016 and Inquiry into laws governing termination of pregnancy in Queensland, on 13 July 2016. Professor Douglas told the public hearing that there was often a link between domestic violence and abortion.
  • Radio National’s Paul Barclay speaks with an expert panel including UQ Law Professor Graeme Orr, Stephen Mills (University of Sydney and former speechwriter to Labor PM Bob Hawke), Professor Darren Halpin (Australian National University) and Paula Matthewson (political columnist and former media advisor to John Howard in the early 1990s) on money and politics.
  • Professor Nicholas Aroney spoke recently on the failure of the Australian federal government’s Reform of the Federation White Paper.
  • PhD student David Jefferson’s research, is interested in how the legal evolution in Ecuador is representative of a conceptual shift in IP law away from a narrow orientation of privatization and economic growth, towards the utilization of intellectual property (IP) to support communitarian ends.
  • Dr Justine Bell-James has published an article in The Conversation series examing the strategies, political alignment and policy platforms of ten lobby groups that can influence the upcoming election.
  • UQ community law expert Associate Professor Tamara Walsh has recently commented on Queensland’s most disadvantaged people being charged for begging.
  • The TC Beirne School of Law will be holding a Three Minute Thesis (3MT) school heat ahead of the BEL Faculty and UQ finals.
  • May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month. At the TC Beirne School of Law, researchers are making an important contribution to community education, policy implementation and law reform.
  • UQ Law Professor Heather Douglas, along with Caroline de Costa, Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at James Cook University, has been published on Crikey.
  • UQ Law PhD student, Garth Wooler has had an article published in the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies. The Singapore Journal of Legal Studies is the flagship law journal of the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore and one of the oldest law journals in the Commonwealth.
  • Professor Jennifer Corrin facilitated a Panel on Pacific Legal Systems, Past, Present and Future at The Australian Association of Pacific Studies’ Tides of Transformation conference.
  • Providing legal advice to Members of Parliament on draft Bills that are tabled in Parliament is a challenging role for the legal advisor to the Samoa Parliament, Dr Lalotoa Mulitalo.
  • The TC Beirne School of Law’s Dr Paul Harpur has been awarded two international visiting fellowships this year to assist his research on human rights for people with print disabilities