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  • Earlier this month, the TC Beirne School of Law hosted the UQ Trade Law Forum, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law), at the Supreme Court Library. The event was supported by the UNCITRAL, UNCCA (UNCITRAL Coordination Committee Australia), Supreme Court of Queensland and the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Office. 
  • Dr Mark Burdon co-wrote an article published in The Conversation on Friday, Who's listening? The ethical and legal issues of developing a health app​. The article discusses how health monitoring apps, such as those used to monitor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, can also be used to record private conversations of the users, in breach of both law and ethical standards.  
  • The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is presently hearing a case concerning the legal procedures by which the United Kingdom can withdraw from the European Union following the Brexit referendum in June.
  • Power imbalances are rife through modern society. The State has wide-ranging discretions as to whether it should grant a business licence, take custody of a child, or rezone a property – all of which have the potential to harm or help individuals.
  • Professor Heather Douglas, with Kate Fitz-Gibbon from Monash University wrote an article published in The Conversation yesterday, FactCheck Q&A: what are the facts on funding for domestic violence legal services in Australia?
  • A UQ student will present the results of a business project aimed at strengthening Queensland school student participation in ballet at the Australian Association for Research and Education Conference in Melbourne this week.
  • Congratulations Professor Heather Douglas, an ARC Future Fellow in the TC Beirne School of Law appointed to the Australian Research Council College of Experts for 2017. 
  • University of Queensland environmental law lecturer Dr Justine Bell-James today published an article in The Conversation, discussing the ongoing Carmichael coal mine case – a court challenge to the biggest planned coal mine in Queensland.
  • TC Beirne School of Law Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Melanie O'Brien and Lecturer Dr Enshen Li presented at the 41st American Society of Criminology Conference, at the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans, USA.
  • Peta Stephenson, a TC Beirne School of Law PhD student, was presented with the 2016 Research Higher Degree Excellence in Research Award last Wednesday.
  • Justice Peter Applegarth launched Ron Levy and Graeme Orr's book The Law of Deliberative Democracy (Routledge 2016) at the Queensland Supreme Court Library last Tuesday.
  • After noticing defendants fare evading and sleeping rough in order to get into the city for a court hearing, two UQ postgraduate students teamed up to do something about it.
  • Modern democracies need to break through wooden political sloganeering and judicial paternalism to reach a more rational, cooperative and democratic process, according to UQ law Professor Graeme Orr.
  • Dr Melanie O’Brien recently spoke to Al Jazeera news about the issues raised in the UN Special Investigation report into the failure of the UN Mission in South Sudan to protect civilians amidst an outbreak of violence in July this year.
  • The Law of Misstatements: 50 Years on from Hedley Byrne v Heller, edited by UQ Professors Kit Barker, Ross Grantham and Warren Swain received a glowing review from Nicholas Hoggard, Barrister of Lincoln’s Inn and Doctoral Scholar at Durham Law School.
  • Comments are invited on the Disability Assistance Animals or Not? Problems in Policy and Practice Workshop: Summary and Scoping Discussion Paper published last week by UQ’s Professor Paul Harpur, Dr Martie-Louise Verreynne, Professor Nancy Pachana, Associate Professor Peter Billings and Professor Brent Ritchie.
  • A special edition of the Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal has just been published with a collection of papers that address a range of current commercial and regulatory issues within the shipping and maritime spheres in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Professor Graeme Orr published an article in the Brisbane Times, Abortion reform: Why has Parliament dragged the chain? asking why parliament has left the task of modernising abortion laws to the courts. Professor Orr argues that if we are to have laws that reflect the nuances of modern society, our politicians must take a more proactive role in considering law reform.