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  • Dr Paul Harpur published an article in The Conversation with Simon Ngalomba of the University of Dar es Salaam, contrasting rising health improvements in Africa with the lack of enforcement of laws protecting the elderly, particularly women.
  • Professor Heather Douglas (UQ) and Caroline de Costa (JCU) have a new publication in the Medical Journal of Australia on recent developments regarding abortion law in NSW and Queensland.
  • Professor Graeme Orr recently published a book chapter 'Putting the Cartel Before the House? Public Funding of Parties in Queensland' in Professor Marian Sawer and Dr Anika Gauja (ed), Party Rules? Dilemmas of Political Party Regulation in Australia (ANU Press, Australia 2016) 123-145.
  • Dr Paul Harper published an article in The Conversation examining how employers support employees dealing with domestic violence.
  • Congratulations to Law PhD students Ana Alexander and Maree Kaiser, and Alexandra Ridgway (Hong Kong University) who have received a Universitas21 graduate research project grant.
  • Final year UQ TC Beirne School of Law student Matthew Tsai was recently highly commended in an international competition that has been dubbed ‘the junior Nobel Prize’, the Undergraduate Awards.
  • The TC Beirne School of Law celebrated the School’s outstanding research outputs and acknowledged excellence in research on Thursday 18th September during UQ Research Week.
  • Professor Graeme Orr has published an article in The Conversation explaining both why Australians should say "Yes" in the upcoming same-sex marriage plebiscite, and why this is an issue that should be decidided by a direct vote of the electorate.
  • The TC Beirne School of Law is enjoying a research renaissance, charting a 68 percent increase in research income according to deputy head Professor Simon Bronitt.
  • A national, publicly-available resource for judicial officers dealing with cases involving domestic and family violence, developed by University of Queensland’s Professor Heather Douglas, was launched today.
  • TC Beirne School of Law academics Professors Heather Douglas, Simon Bronitt, Dr Melanie O'Brien and PhD scholar Victoria Colvin presented at the The Evolving Role of the Prosecutor, Domestically and Internationally workshop held at the Onati Institute in Spain on the 28th to 29th July 2016. The Onati Institute hosts a small number of workshops each year that </strong>contribute to socio-legal studies or sociology of law. Professors Heather Douglas (TC Beirne School of Law and Philip Stenning (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University) co-ordinated the 2 day workshop.
  • Congratulations to Dr Twana Hassan and Dr Ruth Walker who attended their PhD graduation ceremony at UQ last week.
  • A recent publication by Professor Andreas Schloenhardt & Rebekkah Markey-Towler from the UQ Human Trafficking Working Group, examines the principle of non-criminalisation which serves to protect victims from prosecution for offences, which they may have committed during the course of their trafficking experience. Entitled ‘Non-criminalisation of victims of trafficking in persons: principles, promises, and perspectives’, the article has just been published in the Groningen Journal of International Law p10-38.
  • Professor Graeme Orr has published an article in The Conversation examining the idea of regulating ‘truth’ in political speech.
  • The TC Beirne School of Law 3 Minutes Thesis (3MT®) was held Friday 12th July. Three Minute Thesis (3MT) celebrates the exciting research conducted by PhD students. Developed by The University of Queensland, the exercise cultivates students' academic, presentation, and research communication skills. The competition supports their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.
  • The third Pasifika Law and Culture Conference: After Paris, After Winston – the PACIFIC was held at Victoria University of Welling from the 4th to the 6th of July.
  • UQ Law Professor Heather Douglas has given evidence at the parliamentary inquiry into proposed laws to decriminalise abortion in Queensland, Amendment Bill 2016 and Inquiry into laws governing termination of pregnancy in Queensland, on 13 July 2016. Professor Douglas told the public hearing that there was often a link between domestic violence and abortion.
  • Radio National’s Paul Barclay speaks with an expert panel including UQ Law Professor Graeme Orr, Stephen Mills (University of Sydney and former speechwriter to Labor PM Bob Hawke), Professor Darren Halpin (Australian National University) and Paula Matthewson (political columnist and former media advisor to John Howard in the early 1990s) on money and politics.