Program Manager: Professor Jennifer Corrin

Participants: Professor Jennifer Corrin and Dr Reid Mortensen

The South Pacific Program builds on the considerable depth of knowledge and practical experience of Centre staff in the area of foreign and comparative law. This Program explores the law and justice issues relating to small South Pacific Island countries.

The main project currently being undertaken within the Program aims to produce a program for the patriation of the legislation applicable in Solomon Islands.  Though a comprehensive and contemporary analysis of the principles by which UK legislation remains potentially applicable in its former possessions, the project involves the assessment of UK legislation that could still apply in Solomon Islands with a view to making recommendations as to whether it should be repealed, preserved or re-enacted as Solomon Islands legislation. The project will seek to devise a methodology for patriation of legislation for use in other South Pacific Island countries and in former colonies generally.

The Program also includes a project on the enforcement of human rights provisions in small South-West Pacific countries. This research considers the relative merits of the ‘vertical' and ‘horizontal' approaches to the enforcement of human rights. It also seeks to identify distinguishing factors in the legal and social systems of South-West Pacific States and to weigh the practical effect of those factors. The research concentrates on countries where there has been friction between human rights and other laws and or recent conflict between the State and individuals or sections of civil society.