Mapping the influence of feminist thought on Australian jurisprudence

One of the aims of the Australian feminist judgments project is to investigate the impact of feminist thought on Australian jurisprudence to date. As part of this investigation we have produced the following compilation of judgments nominated by participants in the project and/or identified in Australian feminist legal literature as contributing a feminist perspective to law. In each case we provide a brief summary of the case and the perceived feminist nature the judgment. We emphasise that this is a work in progress and welcome further suggestions to add to the collection.

The cases are organised into the following categories, and are arranged chronologically within each category:

  • Constitutional law
  • Discrimination law
  • Immigration law
  • Criminal law
  • Sentencing
  • Crimes compensation
  • Contract law
  • Tort law
  • Environmental law
  • Family law

See also the separate case studies undertaken as part of the project on:

  • Pay equity
  • Battered woman syndrome
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexually transmitted debt