Availability of course profiles

Course profiles will be published online approximately two weeks prior to commencement of classes. They may be accessed through:

  1. Programs & Courses website (‘public version’)
  2. mySI-net for students enrolled in a course (‘enrolled student version’)
  3. Blackboard

Enrolled student access to course profiles

Only enrolled students will be able to access the ‘enrolled student version’ of course profiles through:

  1. mySI-net:
    • Click "View" link under "Course Profiles" heading to view the list of courses in which you are enrolled
    • Click "Profile" link against each listed course

      Students can also access reports summarising

      • learning activities;
      • assessment items;
      • required and recommended resources; and
      • how successful completion of the course contributes to graduate attribute development.
  2. Blackboard, where a course has a Blackboard site.

Important Note: Enrolled Student Version will contain assessment information NOT usually available in the public version

Please note:

  • The online version available through mySI-net is the authoritative version of the Course Profile.
  • Each course has a separate course profile, eg LLB(Hons), LLM, internal, external, St Lucia.
  • Students can print full course profile or sections only.
  • Students can access ‘archived’ course profiles via Programs & Courses website (retained for 2 years on this site).