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Note: this is the proposed list of courses for 2017. The complete Master of Applied Law list can be viewed here. All courses are not offered every year.

Group 1 – Compulsory Courses

These courses are designed to provide an overview of the basic fundamentals of the Australian legal system.

Students studying the Graduate Certificate in Applied Law must complete LAWS7000 (students who commenced prior to Semester 2, 2014) or LAWS7936 (students commencing from Semester 2, 2014) and one further course from Group 1.  Graduate Diploma in Applied Law and Master of Applied Law students must complete all three courses from this group.

Semester 1

Course Code Units Course Name
LAWS7936 2 Introduction to the Legal System
LAWS7025 2 Private Law

Semester 2

Course Code Units Course Name
LAWS7936 2 Fundamentals of the Common Law
LAWS7021 2 Public Law
Group 2 – Elective Courses

These are introductory level elective courses.

Semester 1

Course Code Units Course Name
LAWS7012 2 Business Taxation
LAWS7023 2 Business and Corporate Law

Semester 2

Course Code Units Course Name
LAWS7012 2 Business Taxation
LAWS7017 2 Real Estate Law
LAWS7023 2 Business and Corporate Law
LAWS7024 2 Occupational Health & Safety Law
Group 3 – Elective Courses

These courses assume some prior knowledge, either of law or occupational experience in the area of study.

Semester 1

Course Code Units Course Name
LAWS7121 2 Family Law
LAWS7131 2 Planning Law
LAWS7144 2 Introduction to Taxation Law
LAWS7162 2 European Union Law
LAWS7163 2 International Trade Law
LAWS7167 2 Asian Legal Systems
LAWS7206 2 Copyright Law
LAWS7219 2 International Organizations
LAWS7227 2 Law of Political Institutions

Semester 2

Course Code Units Course Name
LAWS7124 2 Human Rights Law
LAWS7130 2 Succession Law
LAWS7136 2 Commercial Law
LAWS7138 2 Competition Law
LAWS7153 2 Private International Law
LAWS7154 2 Public International Law
LAWS7160 2 Maritime Law
LAWS7220 2 Personal & Corporate Insolvency
LAWS7221 2 Advanced Private Law
LAWS7228 2 Privacy Law
Group 4 – Elective Courses

Refer to the Master of Laws Course List 2017

Group 5 – Elective Courses

These courses have been selected to complement the UQ postgraduate law program and provide an opportunity to broaden the scope and depth of commercial business knowledge or specialisation.

Note: These courses are subject to change – please check the availability of courses via mySI-net.

Course Code Units Course Name
ECON7010 2 Consumer and Firm Behaviour
ECON7020 2 The Macroeconomy
ENVM7524 2 Carbon & Energy Management
MGTS7310 2 Business Negotiation
MGTS7601 2 Managing Organisational Behaviour
MGTS7616 2 Designing Public Policy
MGTS7617 2 Government and Business
TIMS7317 2 Corporate Sustainability