To qualify for admission to the legal profession in Australia applicants must satisfy both the academic and practical legal training requirements.

Evaluation of Overseas Qualifications

Applicants with legal qualifications from overseas need to have their academic qualifications assessed if they wish to practise law in Australia. In Queensland, the evaluation process is undertaken by the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board (see contact details below).

For details on how to proceed if you have qualified overseas, please visit the Queensland Law Society website.

All enquiries for the evaluation of overseas qualifications must be directed to:

Legal Practitioners Admissions Board
GPO Box 1785
Brisbane 4001
Phone: +61 7 3842 5985
Fax: + 61 7 3221 7193

The TC Beirne School of Law is not able to assist with bridging study to meet the requirements of assessments by the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board of Queensland.  A list of universities which can assist is available from the Board.

Practical Legal Training

If you intend to seek admission to practice in Australia, you must undertake approved practical legal training via a coursework practical legal training (PLT) program or legal training under the supervision of an Australian lawyer.

Further information relating to Admission is available from the Queensland Law Society website.