Personal tutors

Through the Personal Tutors program students have access to a group of academics (personal tutors) for the purposes of consultation and advice. If you have questions specific to a course you are taking, you should approach one of the staff involved in that course. Personal Tutors do not advise on specific course content.

Academic staff are allocated to a cohort of students based on their year of entry (i.e. if you commenced your studies last year you are the class of 2015). First Year students can also make use of the dedicated First Year Tutors.

Staff are available according to the schedule below specifically for students from their cohort to drop in to talk about anything at all, not necessarily just academic concerns. In order to ensure the staff member is available when you want to drop by, please email before you visit.

We encourage you to make use of this opportunity to have a consistent point of contact with an academic staff member during your time here in the TC Beirne Law School.

First year cohort

Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Professor Kit Barker 11am - 1pm        
Dr Mark Burdon 1.30pm - 2.30pm; 
4pm - 5pm
Professor John Devereux   5pm - 7pm      
Mr Russell Hinchy 
  12pm - 2pm      
Professor Graeme Orr     11am - 1pm    

Class of 2016

Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Professor Rick Bigwood

8am - 10am        
Dr Alan Davidson (coordinator)   10am - 12pm      
Professor Nick Gaskell       8am - 10am  
Dr Caitin Goss     10am - 12pm    
A/Prof David Morrison       11am - 1pm  


Class of 2015

Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh 11:30am - 12:30pm        
A/Professor Ann Black
(on leave in 2016)
Dr Clare Cappa   3pm - 5pm      
Ms Karen Fairweather     4pm - 6pm    
A/Professor Tamara Walsh         10am - 12pm
Mr Matt Watson       10am - 12pm  

Class of 2014

Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dr Justine Bell-James     3pm - 5pm    
Professor Sarah Derrington 8am - 9am       8am - 9am
Professor Heather Douglas 12pm - 2pm        
Dr Barbora Jedlickova
(on leave Sem 1, 2016)
Mr Robert Mullins   2pm - 4pm      
Dr Melanie O’Brien   9am - 11am      
Professor Andreas Schloenhardt (Coordinator)   1pm - 3pm      

Class of 2013

Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
A/Professor Lee Aitken     10am - 12pm    
Dr Paul Harpur (on leave Sem 1, 2016) (Coordinator) 12pm - 2pm        
Dr Radha Ivory   12.30pm - 2.30pm      
A/Professor Qiao Liu 1pm - 3pm        
Professor Brad Sherman 9am - 11am        
Professor Nicholas Aroney     2pm - 3pm    

Class of 2012

Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Professor James Allan   8am - 10am      
Dr Francesca Bartlett         10am - 12pm
A/Professor Peter Billings
        3pm - 5pm
Dr Vicky Comino   2pm - 4pm      
Dr Enshen Li 2pm - 4pm        
A/Professor Margaret Stephenson   1.30pm - 3.30pm      

Class of 2011

Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Professor Simon Bronitt     12pm - 2pm    
Professor Anthony Cassimatis 9am - 11am        
Dr Vincent Cogliati Bantz(on leave 2016)          
Professor Jennifer Corrin(on leave 2016)          
Professor Craig Forrest(Coordinator)   2pm - 4pm      
Michael White QC     2pm - 4pm    
Professor Fiona Rohde 11am – 1pm