• LAWS7801 Constitutional Government and Public Power

    Society comprises individuals. While there are many things people do for themselves by individual effort or by exchange with others, certain needs can be addressed more conveniently by collective action.

  • LAWS7711 Selected Issues in International Law

    This course engages in critical analysis of selected issues in international law, placing them in a wider social, ethical and theoretical context.

  • LAWS7708 Intellectual Property Law

    This course is an introductory level examination of the general law and statutory protection of intellectual property in Australia, while also placing it in an international context.

  • LAWS7979 Commercial Conflict of Laws

    International trade is crucial to every national economy yet trading across a myriad of legal regimes poses a number of legal issues. This course examines the way in which cross-border commercial disputes are resolved.

  • LAWS7951 Marine Insurance Law

    This course examines the law and practice of the modern marine insurance market within the context of international shipping and trade. It covers the legal principles relating to marine insurance, the market, and the special rules which distinguish this type of insurance from others.

  • LAWS7930 Special Topic C - International & Comparative Competition Law

    Competition/antitrust law plays a significant role in the economy of individual countries and their welfare. At the same time, it has an enormous impact on the ways in which companies and other entities, including multinational corporations, conduct their businesses. It also impacts consumers.

  • LAWS7899 International Air Law

    This course examines the major international law and case law that govern the carriage by air of passengers, baggage and cargo.

  • LAWS7893 Corporate Governance Law

    This course focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of corporate governance; and the way that Australia, and jurisdictions such as the UK, the US and the EU deal with a variety of corporate governance issues.

  • LAWS7876 Carriage of Goods by Sea

    The vast majority of worldwide imports and exports are carried by sea, whether in bulk form, for example, oil, grain and coal, or as containerised cargo.


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