• LAWS7865 Maritime Law

    As over 90% of Australian trade is transported by sea the law governing ships is of immense commercial importance.

  • LAWS7863 Admiralty Jurisdiction and Practice

    No aspiring maritime or shipping lawyer can claim to be competent in the field without some knowledge of the law relating to admiralty claims.

  • LAWS7851 Mediation and Conflict Management

    The course will seek to develop practical mediation, dispute resolution and conflict management skills. It will provide an analysis of the framework, principles and values of mediation and other associated methods of dispute resolution.

  • LAWS7703 Estate Planning

    Estate planning is essential for protecting and allocating assets in accordance with the wishes of an estate owner, as well as ensuring that they themselves are medically and financially cared for in the event that they no longer have the capacity to make their own decisions.

  • LAWS7868 International Commercial Arbitration Law

    This course deals in depth with the process of international commercial arbitration, which is one of the major growth areas of legal practice and the most widely used dispute resolution method in international business.


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