This award recognises the best academic publication (refereed journal article or book chapter) or conference paper presented, by a Law School HDR student, out of their research project annually. The award was established in 1980 with an endowment by Mr Owen Fletcher, a Brisbane Solicitor and is currently worth $1000 pa.


Joseph Lelliott
Lelliott, Joseph (2017) Smuggled and trafficked unaccompanied minors: towards a coherent, protection-based approach in international lawInternational Journal of Refugee Law, . doi:10.1093/ijrl/eex024

2016 – Joint Winners

Peta Stephenson, ‘Justice Mason in the Australian Assistance Plan Case (1975): Nationhood, Federalism and Commonwealth Executive Power’ in Andrew Lynch (ed), Great Australian Dissents (CUP 2016 forthcoming) 169-188.

Garth Wooler, ‘The New “Asplenium Clause” – Unconscionability Unwound?’ [2016] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 169-182.


Laura Guttuso
Chapter: ‘Leniency and the Two Faces of Janus: Where Public and Private Enforcement Merge and Converge’ in Anti-Cartel Enforcement in a Contemporary Age: the Leniency Religion (Hart, UK, 2015). 


Kellie Robson
Article: ‘The State of Personal Liberty in Australia after M47: a Risk Theory Analysis of Security Rights’ (2013) 39 Monash University Law Review 506 and chapter ‘Risking Rights: the Unintended Consequence of Australia’s National Security Detention Regime’ in Unintended Consequences: the Impact of Migration Law and Policy (ANU Press, 2014). 


Betheli O’Carroll
Article: ‘Intellectual disabilities and the determination of fitness to plead in the magistrates’ courts’ (2013) 37 Criminal Law Journal 51. 


Joint winners:

Kerstin Braun
Paper: ‘The role of victims in criminal procedure in light of the UN Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power- Germany and Australia’ presented at the 20th Annual ANZIL Conference, NZ, July 2012. 

Rachel Lee
Article: ‘Trends in personal insolvency in Australia’ (co-authored with Associate Professor David Morrison) and published in (2012) 20 Insolvency Law Journal 18-54. 


Alison Christou
Article: ‘Issues of Mandate and Practice for Non-Adversarial Adjudication’ (2011) 20 Journal of Judicial Administration 178. 


Alison Christou
Article: ‘The “Good” Tribunal Member - An Aretaic Approach to Administrative Tribunal Practice’ (2009) 28 University of Queensland Law Journal 339.