In partnership with the UQ Law Graduates Association, the law school offers a co-curricular program that provides a variety of activities to enhance student learning outside the classroom.

The program is designed to complement core areas of study throughout the law degree and to give students a real world understanding of how the concepts they are studying manifest themselves in legal practice.

Students begin their degree with an immersive day at the Supreme Court, which includes a guided tour of the law courts and presentations by judges, the Director of Public Prosecutions, and barristers and solicitors from the Queensland legal community.

This is followed by a second semester visit to Parliament, where guest speakers introduce students to the relationship between law and policy.

The program is expanding to include upper year offerings, including a panel discussion on criminal law and regulatory enforcement featuring an array of practitioners. Students will also have the opportunity to observe a criminal proceeding and ask questions of counsel involved in the trial. An executive job shadowing opportunity is also being developed.

Students are encouraged to check their emails to keep apprised of the opportunities available to them.