Australian Feminist Judgments Project

Re-imagining and re-inventing Australian court decisions

The Australian Feminist Judgments Project is an inspired and innovative research project which investigates the possibilities, limits and implications of a feminist approach to legal decision-making. The project involves a group of feminist academics, lawyers and activists who have agreed to write alternative judgments in a series of Australian legal cases.

By re-writing and re-imagining original legal decisions through a feminist lens, the project employs praxis—the application of theoretical insights to real world situations—to investigate the influence of feminist theory on judicial decision-making.

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The Australian Feminist Judgments Project investigates the relationship between feminist theory and practice in Australian judicial decision-making. We employ a variety of approaches to the analysis:

Feminist academics from across Australia rewrite and comment on legal decisions from a feminist perspective.
Literature review and interviews with feminist judges, Magistrates and tribunal members about their experience of judging.
Establishing a database of judgments that are identified in the literature as feminist or offending feminist principles.

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Email us to learn more about the project or contact us individually: Heather Douglas | Francesca Bartlett | Trish Luker | Rosemary Hunter