UQ Trade Law Forum a resounding success

13 Dec 2016
UQ Trade Law Forum
Justice James Douglas

Earlier this month, the TC Beirne School of Law hosted the UQ Trade Law Forum, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law), at the Supreme Court Library. The event was supported by the UNCITRAL, UNCCA (UNCITRAL National Coordination Committee Australia), Supreme Court of Queensland and the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Office. 

“The event was a tremendous success,” said Dr Alan Davidson, coordinator of the forum. “The presentations were insightful dealing with work of UNCITRAL during the past 50 years, its Conventions, Model Laws and Technical Assistance. The attendees including members of the judiciary, the legal profession, academics, government and students.”

Speakers included Justice James Douglas, UNCITRAL-Vienna legal officers Jenny Clift and Luca Castellani, Dean of TC Beirne Law School Professor Sarah Derrington and UNCCA Chair Tim Castle. Justice Douglas spoke on the implementation of UNCITRAL Conventions and texts in Australia.

UNCITRAL promotes the development of effective international trade law, both at national and international levels. A major goal is the harmonisation of trade laws between member states, which in turn facilitates profitable international trade and the easing of cross-border tensions.

Specific topics discussed at the forum included international arbitration, cross-border insolvency, and electronic transferable records.

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UNCITRAL Trade Law Forum