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The Beyond Intellectual Property Moment in Historical Context

The Beyond Intellectual Property Moment in Historical Context

7 June 2023 4:00pm5:00pm
Presented by Professor Graham Dutfield from the University of Leeds.

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Rethinking accessorial liability in corporate law

15 June 2023 12:00pm1:00pm
In this lunchtime webinar, Dr Jason Harris (Professor of Corporate Law at Sydney Law School) and Vanessa Whittaker SC (Banco Chambers) discuss a paper by Professor Harris that considers accessorial liability in corporate law for civil and criminal breaches of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
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The Application of Contracts

29 June 2023 1:00pm2:00pm
Dr Ryan Catterwell analyses the nature of contract application, examining the aim of the process and its mechanics, and explaining why and how we apply a contract.
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13th Queensland Tax Researcher Symposium

30 June 2023 9:00am4:00pm
The Queensland Tax Researcher Symposium brings together tax practitioners, researchers, academics and accountants for panel discussions and paper presentations on a range of tax topics.
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Remedies Impacting Rights: How the Availability of Specific Performance Impacts Assessment of Common Law Damages

5 July 2023 1:00pm2:00pm
This paper considers the question of whether (and if so, how) a promisee’s choice whether or not to try to enforce a contract by seeking an order for specific performance can bear upon the damages he or she obtains for the contract’s breach.
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Patenting immunity? Vaccines and Public Health

24 July 2023 4:00pm6:00pm
Join us for a panel discussion which will attempt to move beyond unsuccessful debates that pit innovation against equitable access to medicine. In doing so, panellists will draw on their own experiences in relation to re-thinking vaccine creation, production, and distribution. They will also consider what is needed to revision intellectual property to support the creation and delivery of new therapies, both in times of crisis and times of calm.

A Risk by Any Other Name

9 August 2023 12:00pm1:00pm
Professor Jodi Gardner analyses if volenti should be abolished and a clearer distinction developed between actions of defendants and that of plaintiffs.
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AI risks in the financial sector: consequences for companies and directors

16 August 2023 5:00pm7:00pm
This seminar will explore a case study of a bank using machine learning models to offer personalised financial products to consumers in order to explore the legal and ethical risks for financial sector companies that potentially arise out of the use of ML models in this context.

Women in Law 2023

24 August 2023 5:30pm7:30pm
Our panel of inspiring women will share insights of their personal experiences and discuss the issues that may still present barriers to women within the legal profession.