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The Conscience of Trust

13 July 2022 1:00pm2:00pm
Presented by Professor Irit Samet, Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College, London.
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Deaths in Custody: Holding Institutions to Account

18 July 2022 12:00pm1:00pm
Together with invited speakers, Professor Tamara Walsh will examine the multisystemic nature of failings that contribute to deaths in custody in Australian police cells, watchhouses and prisons. The seminar will draw on findings from Professor Walsh’s Deaths in Custody Project database.
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Reforming the Australian Justice System's Response to Sexual Offences

21 July 2022 5:00pm
Presented by The Honourable Anthony North QC, Chair, Victorian Law Reform Commission, with Associate Professor Julia Quilter, University of Woolongong, commenting and Her Honour Judge Deborah Richards, District Court of Queensland, chairing.
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Artificial by Nature: Plastic Flowers as Intangible Properties

23 August 2022 5:00pm
Dr Jose Bellido discusses how significant the controversies concerning the copyright of plastic plants were in addressing the unstable distinction between the natural and the artificial, particularly when the subsistence of copyright was at stake.
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Reforming the Law of Domestic Violence - An Offence of Coercive Control?

8 September 2022 5:00pm
Presented by The Hon Margaret McMurdo AC, President, Queensland Court of Appeal, with Professor Heather Douglas, University of Melbourne, commenting and The Hon Justice Soraya Ryan, Supreme Court of Queensland chairing.
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Life and Death in Private Law

23 September 2022 9:00am5:00pm
This colloquium will bring together leading academics, legal practitioners, and members of the judiciary to engage with the shifting sands of life and death in challenging and diverse ways.

Emerging Technologies and Domestic Military Law Workshop

30 September 2022 9:00am5:00pm
The Law and Future of War Research Group at The University of Queensland is inviting abstracts on the topic of ‘Emerging Technologies and Domestic Military Law: Comparative Views on Principles, Policies and Practice’.
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Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination and the Role of Law

13 October 2022 5:00pm
Presented by Professor Carolyn Evans, Vice-Chancellor and President, Griffith University, with Professor Patrick Parkinson, UQ Law, commenting and the Hon Justice Sarah Derrington, Federal Court of Australia, President of the Australian Law Reform Commission chairing.
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Novelties, Frauds, and Protections: The Fruit Business in Nineteenth-Century America

18 October 2022 9:00am
Professor Daniel Kevles discusses the history of commercial plant nurseries and how the market sought to protect their investments in the creation or acquisition of novelties and how to prevent cheats from offering fraudulent plants under branded names.