2021 Law Master's guide

Our Master's degree programs for law and non-law graduates plus answers to frequently asked questions.  

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Advance your career with world-class postgraduate legal study for lawyers and non-lawyers

Whether you are interested in degree programs, individual courses or pursuing original research, we provide an outstanding environment for postgraduate learning and discovery.

Our courses are delivered by leading scholars and members of the judiciary to small groups of students. This personalised learning environment will encourage you to achieve at the highest level. You will feel a genuine sense of belonging, and can grow your professional network from day one.

Teaching is enriched by cutting-edge research in specialist fields, and your private postgraduate study is supported by Queensland’s best academic library services.

Masters programs


For qualified practitioners seeking to gain advanced knowledge in their field of interest. Select from the broadest range of courses, with new courses introduced in 2021. The Master of Laws can be taken as a 16 unit (1 year) or 24 unit (1.5 year) program. 

LLM 16 unit program details and apply LLM 24 unit program details and applyLLM courses offered in 2021

International Law

For law and non-law graduates. Study how international law shapes almost all forms of global interaction, from business and trade to diplomacy and acts of war.

MIL program details and applyMIL courses offered in 2021 (for students commencing 2021)MIL courses offered in 2021 (for students that commenced before 2021)

International Commercial Law

Designed for business, commerce, economics or law graduates, or graduates working in the field of international commercial operations.

MICLaw details and apply
MICLaw courses offered in 2021 (for students commencing 2021) MICLaw courses offered in 2021 (for students that started before 2021)

Dual programs

International Relations/International Law

International Law is available as a dual program with the Master of International Relations. 

MIR/MIL program details and apply

International Commercial Law/Commerce

International Commercial Law is available as a dual program with the Master of Commerce. 

MICLaw/MCom program details and apply


Continuing Professional Development points

If you are seeking to earn CPD points for individual courses and would prefer not to enrol in a program learn more about CPD courses.

Insurance law

If you have a particular interest in the insurance industry, consider taking a Graduate Certificate in Insurance Law.

Frequently asked questions

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