Continuing Professional Development

We offer a series of professional legal courses through our Continuing Professional Development program.

UQ Law continuing professional development (CPD) courses are suitable for both law graduates and professionals with an interest in contemporary legal issues. Most courses are run intensively, usually over a four day period, with some offered on a semester-long basis.

Our small seminar-style teaching groups offer CPD participants one-on-one interaction with our leading academics and industry experts.

CPD participants receive normal instruction but do not undertake course assessment and cannot use the course for credit towards a degree program. Our courses count toward Queensland Law Society CPD points if you can demonstrate relevance to your legal practice.

Enrolment closes two weeks prior to the course start date. 

​Note: Offerings are subject to change and availability. Please contact prior to registering.


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Our CPD courses are delivered at UQ's St Lucia and Brisbane City campuses, in state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Upcoming courses

  • This course introduces students to the Australian legal system and develops student knowledge of Australian business and corporations law. The course is intended to provide a foundation for non-legal professionals intending to work in business.
    Next course: 20 February 2023 Semester 1, 2023
    Facilitator(s): Mr Anthony Austin
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • This course is an introductory level examination of the basic principles of taxation law in Australia, with particular emphasis on the topics required by professional accounting bodies for accreditation purposes.
    Next course: 22 February 2023 Semester 1, 2023
    Facilitator(s): Ms Lisa Samarkovski
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • A consideration of the law regulating corporate governance including the impetus for the corporate governance movement; theories of corporate governance; the corporate governance movement in Australia; corporate decision making; shareholder democracy; executive and non-executive directors; the role of institutional investors; takeovers; executive remuneration; the role of soft law; and proposals for reform.
    Next course: 24 July 2023 Semester 2, 2023
    Facilitator(s): Dr Vicky Comino
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • This course deals with a range of mechanisms available for managing international commercial disputes. One of these mechanisms, international commercial arbitration, is a major growth area of legal practice and a widely used dispute resolution method in international business.
    Next course: 28 February 2023 Semester 1, 2023
    Facilitator(s): Mr Gary Campbell
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • This course will examine contemporary issues in public international and comparative law. Topics will vary from year to year, drawing on the innovative research of TC Beirne School of Law academic staff, as well as the expertise of visiting scholars and leading practitioners. Please refer to the Law School website for current topics. A typical range of topics will include issues relating to comparative criminal law, international human rights law, European Union law, Islamic law, international organizations, and South Pacific Law.
    Next course: 6 March 2023 Semester 1, 2023
    Facilitator(s): Dr Lauren Sanders
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • The vast majority of worldwide imports and exports are carried by sea, whether in bulk form, for example, oil, grain and coal, or as containerised cargo. This course covers the international contractual arrangements that facilitate this trade, with a focus on the contracts for the carriage of such goods by sea, including charterparties and bills of lading, as well as the insurance contracts that ensure the viability of this maritime trade. The course covers the solutions adopted in the international standard form contracts used in international trade and the interpretations of these by the courts in the context of mandatory international conventions such as the Hague-Visby Rules or the Rotterdam Convention. Given the international focus of this course it will suite both Australian and overseas students and provides the basis for the consideration of a range of other international trade issue. For a comprehensive coverage of international maritime law, this course should be taken together with LAWS7865 International Admiralty and Maritime Law.
    Next course: 27 April 2023 Semester 1, 2023, Intensive - 4 days
    Facilitator(s): Professor Craig Forrest
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • This course examines and seeks to develop students' knowledge and awareness of the law, technology, practice and regulation of International Trade Law. This course consists of advanced level analysis, focusing on electronic commerce and the international sale of goods issues.
    Next course: 28 February 2023 Semester 1, 2023
    Facilitator(s): Dr Alan Davidson
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • In every legal system, statutes are a main source of law and their interpretation is a central mode of legal reasoning, a mastery of which is essential to legal practice. This course reflects on how judges and others interpret statutes, and addresses key questions concerning the nature of sound statutory interpretation.
    Next course: 11 March 2023 Semester 1, 2023, Intensive - 4 days
    Facilitator(s): Mr John McKenna KC
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • An examination of the regulation of international trade by member states of the World Trade Organization, including trade in goods and services, investment, intellectual property and dispute settlement.
    Next course: 25 March 2023 Semester 1, 2023, Intensive - 4 days
    Facilitator(s): Dr James Munro
    UQ St Lucia and Online
  • The course will seek to develop practical mediation, dispute resolution and conflict management skills. It will provide an analysis of the framework, principles and values of mediation and other associated methods of dispute resolution.
    Next course: 30 March 2023 Semester 1, 2023, Intensive - 4 days
    Facilitator(s): Ms Anne-Marie Rice


Terms and conditions

Use of IT and library facilities

Continuing Professional Development participants are not entitled to the use of the University’s facilities, apart from individual electronic course Blackboard sites and 'in-library' use of resources.

Refund of registration fees

All cancellations must be in writing to the Dean. Substitutions may be permitted as approved by the Dean.

No refund will apply after course commencement.


Courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrolments or other unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs you will receive a 100% refund of the full course fee. We are not responsible for any expenses (e.g. books, travel, accommodation charges) which may have been incurred in relation to attendance at the course.