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What do I do if I have COVID on campus?

UQ has developed a process to assist students to know what to do when they are diagnosed with COVID or are a close contact and have been on campus. In short, if you have tested positive with COVID or diagnosed as a close contact, and are on campus, wear a mask and leave the campus immediately

If you are going to miss compulsory learning activities or assessment items, notify the course coordinator or apply for an extension in the usual way.

For further information on UQ protocols, view the UQ COVID procedures

Check the Electronic Course Profile (ECP) for your course

Several courses this semester will contain invigilated assessment (of the final exam only). Please check the ECP for your courses to find out whether you are enrolled in one of these subjects.

In certain course, students with an internal enrolment will be undertaking their finalexam on campus whereas those enrolled inthe subject will be undertaking it online. We will ensure that there is fairness and parity in examination conditions between these two modes. 

Please check your ECP for further details and you will be provided with more information by your lecturer during the course. 

Policies, procedures and guidelines