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Enrolment modes from 2024 [LLB & LLB(Hons) only]

From Semester 1, 2024 all LAWS-coded courses offered within the LLB, LLB(Hons) and the law component of associated dual programs will be internal enrolment only

The mission of the UQ LLB(Hons) program is to provide an active and engaging learning environment that enables students to develop a deep understanding of the law and legal practice as a foundation for highly successful careers in a wide range of professional contexts. This is best achieved in a face-to-face learning environment. 

Internal enrolment requires that you attend campus for all of your classes. However, much of your learning is facilitated through materials developed by the expert teaching staff in each course that is available online through Blackboard. 

If you have any questions about the LLB(Hons) program in 2024, please contact the LLB Director, Associate Professor Radha Ivory:  

For support in your studies, including maintaining your wellbeing, please feel free to reach out to Dony Rodriguez:  

This announcement only applies to students enrolled in the LLB, LLB(Hons) and associated dual programs. Students enrolled in postgraduate programs can enrol in their studies in internal or external mode in 2024.


Do I have to come to campus for classes?

Yes, all classes are held on campus in St Lucia. Classes are designed to be engaging and interactive. Your attendance and participation in class will help you consolidate your readings and other study activities you have undertaking to prepare for class, as well as give you an opportunity to learn with your peers. 

Will lectures be recorded?

Yes. However, not all courses will necessarily have a scheduled lecture. Some electives are conducted exclusively as seminars (often as a three hour seminar once a week) or intensive workshops. These are designed for group discussion and learning and will generally not be recorded. 

Will lectures be online or in-person?

This may vary from course to course and you should check the Course Profile for each course in which you are enrolled. In most courses, there will be a scheduled lecture that will be delivered on campus that you are expected to attend.

Will seminars/tutorials/workshops be recorded?

No. For reasons of student connection and an enhanced learning environment, we require attendance in class in real time. Should there be exceptional circumstances, students will be able to discuss alternative arrangements with the course coordinator.

Will assessment require me to attend campus?

There are a range of assessment methods in undergraduate law courses. Many assessment pieces will be submittable online through the Blackboard site. As a requirement of an accredited law degree, all core courses must have a compulsory invigilated exam that will be held on campus. 

Will final exams be handwritten?

Yes. All invigilated final exams will require students to handwrite their answers.

Will students who are currently residing outside Australia be able to undertake courses?

No. As required by the accrediting authority, no current or commencing LLB(Hons) student can reside outside the jurisdiction and undertake study.

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