Details about the assessment for each course will be found in the Electronic Course Profile (ECP), accessed via Learn.UQ (Blackboard). Pay particular attention to assessment due dates. Examination timetables are circulated by the Examinations Office around Weeks 9 - 10.

Applications for extensions to assessment due dates

The policy on extensions is set out in the Guidelines for late submission of progressive assessment. Course coordinators and tutors do not have authority to grant extensions to assessment due dates, so please do not contact them directly. To qualify for an extension, you need to show you have exceptional circumstances or medical reasons. Complete the application form available at, explaining (with full supporting evidence) how you fit within those provisions, and submit via email to

Please ensure all requirements are met as stated in the Guidelines. The law school reserves the right to request students to bring in a hardcopy of any supporting documentation. We aim to treat all applications as sympathetically and quickly as possible, and with the minimum of bureaucracy, but we have to apply uniform standards so as to be fair to all students. Extensions are not granted automatically, and you need to justify the length of extension requested. So please note the restrictions in the policy, e.g. extensions will not be granted merely because of employment pressures or social engagements.

Deferred examinations

If you are unable to sit a mid-semester or end of semester examination on the set date, please note that there is a different procedure to that for extensions, above. All applications for deferred examinations (mid-semester or final) must be submitted online via mySI-net > myRequests.

Students with a disability

Students with a continuing disability are encouraged to consult a Disability Adviser, with a view to arranging a Student Access Plan which considers reasonable adjustments that may be appropriate for you. This plan is notified to course coordinators at the start of a semester, before the immediate pressure of assessment or examination deadlines. If you are suffering from stress and having difficulty in coping with deadlines, consider counselling from Student Services, or consult your course coordinator.

Elite athletes

Students whose studies may be interrupted by representative sporting activities should consider seeking elite athlete status at UQ, in accordance with PPL 3.50.07 Programs and Assessment for Elite Athletes. Your recognition as an elite athlete means that you may request reasonable adjustments with respect to enrolment and course assessment. We still ask that you seek assistance as soon as you become aware of any commitments during the semester which may require special arrangements to be made on your behalf - rather than leave it to the last minute, but recognise that the nature and extent of a sporting commitment may be unpredictable and outside your control.

Feedback after final examinations

Students will receive feedback on their examination performance in a variety of ways and the School policy is set out in Feedback on final examinations. This explains how and when you can see your exam script (usually at the start of the following semester).

Applications for remark

Students who wish to apply for a formal remark of a piece of assessment or exam must make a reasoned application and follow the procedure set out in section 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 of PPL 3.10.10 Assessment Re-Mark. Course coordinators have no power to alter marks once released. It is expected that the student will already have taken advantage of the opportunity to receive oral or written feedback before making the application. Please note that if the Associate Dean grants an application, the final mark can go up or down.