The 'I' behind AI

23 Aug 2018
Since meeting while studying at UQ's TC Beirne School of Law, Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry and Samuel Irvine Casey have gone from strength to strength in what can only be described as a cutthroat professional environment.

"Founding a business is tough. Particularly in the AI space. But the ability to adapt to market conditions, as well as being agile with our business model, has allowed us to grow a business right on the forefront of technology. In fact, the skills of higher-level thinking, problem-solving, and challenging the status quo – which are celebrated at UQ – have been invaluable in our careers to date."

Samuel Irvine Casey and Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry

As the driving force behind Max Kelsen and cognitiveCX, one of the country’s most exciting software engineering and artificial intelligence companies, Nicholas and Samuel have worked hard to overcome the unknowns of a completely unchartered industry.

"It is a very different experience to going into an existing company. There is no predefined structure, no-one is providing you with clients to work with or telling you how to do the work."

But the hard work is paying off for the duo, who boast some of Australia’s biggest brands as clients, and have had speaking engagements at IBM’s Global Conference Think 2018.

Listen to their Own The Unknown Podcast to learn more about their story, as well as their experience studying at UQ.