Leading the way in asylum seeker and refugee welfare reform

29 November 2019

Leading scholars from across Australia, drawn from a variety of academic disciplines, will converge at The University of Queensland’s School of Law to identify ways of improving laws, policies and outcomes for vulnerable individuals seeking refugee protection in Australia.

The Managing Migration through Social Welfare workshop is bringing together academic experts, policymakers and community-based professionals to critically assess the current situation in Australia and identify areas for improvement.

Associate Professor Peter Billings said this inter-disciplinary event was the first of its kind to explore law and policy settings that have been in a constant state of flux for the past decade.

“This workshop is about bringing together scholars and practitioners across the behavioural sciences, social sciences, law and humanities who are working in the refugee/migration field to generate an appraisal of law, policy and practice that is holistic and to posit reforms that are implementable,” he said.

Pictured: Associate Professor Peter Billings.


“Today is the first time academics from a wide range of disciplines and other stakeholders, who are interested in the welfare of asylum seekers and refugees, will come together to critically assess this issue.”

“It is wonderful to facilitate a gathering of experts to blend their perspectives together to critique current law and policy settings to generate tangible solutions for reform,” he said.

This unique cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional, conference is taking place The University of Queensland’s School of Law.

A book is scheduled to be published by Routledge later next year which will encapsulate the key ideas, findings and recommendations resulting from today’s event.

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