Volume 28, No. 2 is a Special Issue with the theme of "Australian and New Zealand Lawyers: Ethics and Regulation". Open full-text.


  • Gino E Dal Pont, Regulation of the Queensland Legal Profession: The Quinquennium of Change
  • Steve Mark and Tahlia Gordon, Compliance Auditing of Law Firms: A Technological Journey to Prevention
  • Scott McLean, Evidence in Legal Profession Disciplinary Hearings: Changing the Lawyers' Paradigm
  • Mark Byrne and Reid Mortensen, The Queensland Solicitors' Conveyancing Reservation: Past and Future Development - Part 1
  • Duncan Webb, Bounded Autonomy and Bounded Zeal
  • Justin Carter and Lillian Corbin, Adding Value for Lawyers, Clients, and the Public: The Business Benefits of Ethically-Informed Practice
  • Francesca Bartlett, The Ethics of 'Transgressive' Lawyering: Considering the Defence of Dr Haneef
  • Stephen Keim, Fearless Advocacy and Bar Rule 60
  • Reid Mortensen, Keim on the Muzzle Rule: A Reply and Joinder
  • Alison Christou, The 'Good' Tribunal Member - An Aretaic Approach to Administrative Tribunal Practice

Case notes and comments

  • Nicky Jones, Lawyers, Language and Legal Professional Standards: Legal Services Commissioner v Turley [2008] LPT 4
  • Debra Mullins, Warts and All: The Impact of Candour in Assessing Character for Admission to the Legal Profession
10 July 2018 1:39pm