Volume 30, No. 1 is a Special Issue with the theme of "The Implied Rights Cases: Twenty Years On".


  • Jeffrey Goldsworthy, Constitutional Implications Revisited
  • Grant Huscroft, Romance, Realism, and the Legitimacy of Implied Rights
  • I.D.F. Callinan AC and Amanda Stoker, Politicizing the Judges: Human Rights Legislation
  • Tom Campbell and Stephen Crilly, The Implied Freedom of Political Communication, Twenty Years On
  • Adrienne Stone, 'Insult and Emotion, Calumny and Invective': Twenty Years of Freedom of Political Communication
  • Justice Peter Applegarth, Distorting the Law of Defamation
  • Dan Meagher, The Brennan Conception of the Implied Freedom: Theory, Proportionality and Deference
  • Katharine Gelber, Freedom of Speech and Australian Political Culture
  • Nicholas Aroney, Towards the 'Best Explanation' of the Constitution: Text, Structure, History and Principle in Roach v Electoral Commissioner
22 December 2016 10:04am