Volume 31, No. 1 is a General Issue.


  • Horst Klaus Lücke, The European Natural Law Codes: The Age of Reason and the Powers of Government
  • Warren Swain, Codification of Contract Law: Some Lessons From History
  • Steven Spadijer, A Hardcore Case Against (Strong) Judicial Review of Direct Democracy
  • Elizabeth Shi, A Tiger with No Teeth: Genuine Redundancy and Reasonable Redeployment under the Fair Work Act
  • James Duffy, Roll the Dice, Rational Agent: Should Extra-Curial Punishment Mitigate an Offender's Sentence?
  • Kerrie Sadiq, The Inherent International Tax Regime and its Constraints on Australia's Sovereignty
  • Sophie Payton, Reconciling Regulatory Approaches and Consumer Expectations
21 December 2016 5:27pm