Volume 31, No. 2 is a Special Issue with the theme of "Worst Top Court Decisions of the Last Quarter Century".


  • Anne Twomey, Rowe v Electoral Commissioner - Evolution or Creationism?
  • Michael D Ramsey, American Federalism and the Tragedy of Gonzales v Raich
  • CEF RickettBridgewater v Leahy - A Bridge Too Far?
  • Sandy Steel, Causation in English Tort Law: Still Wrong After All These Years
  • Gabrielle J Appleby, Imperfection and Inconvenience: Boilermakers' and the Separation of Judicial Power in Australia
  • Jessica Palmer and Andrew Geddis, What Was That Thing You Said? The NZ Supreme Court's Vexing Vector Gas Decision
  • Allan Beever, School Chaplaincy, Barclay v Penberthy and the Collapse of the High Court's Tort Jurisprudence
  • Ran Hirschl,  The Fuzzy Boundaries of (Un)Constitutionality: Two Tales of Political Jurisprudence
22 December 2016 9:34am