Volume 32, No. 1 is a Special Issue with the theme of "Merits Review".


  • Justice D Kerr, The Intersection of Merits and Judicial Review: Looking Forward
  • Justice A Wilson, Tribunal Proceedings and Natural Justice: A Duty to Inquire
  • Judge Kevin O'Connor, Appeal Panels in Super Tribunals
  • Robin Creyke, Integrity in Tribunals
  • Peter Billings and Anthony E Cassimatis, Twenty-One Years of the Judicial Review Act 1991: Enhancing Access to Justice and Promoting Legal Accountability?
  • Bernard McCabe, Community Values and Correct or Preferable Decisions in Administrative Tribunals
  • Dennis O'Brien, Specious Delusions: Review on the Merits of Migration and Refugee Decisions - Reflections on the Operation of the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal in an Interconnected World
  • Mary Crock and Hannah Martin, Refugee Rights and the Merits of Appeal
  • Katherine Hooper, Model Litigants, Migration, Merits Review and ... Mediation?
  • Kerrie O'Callaghan and Michelle Howard, Promoting Administrative Justice: The Correct and Preferable Decision and the Role of Government Policy in the Determination
  • Bertus de Villiers, Burden of Proof and Standard of Proof in the WA State Administrative Tribunal

Case notes

  • Portia Tyle, When is a Merits Review Tribunal Functus Officio?​
  • Richard Oliver, Limits on BSA licence cancellation for multiple events 

Book reviews

  • Daniel Maggacis, Head, Administrative Law: Context and Critique
  • Peter McDermott, Pearce, Administrative Appeals Tribunal
21 December 2016 5:06pm