Volume 33, No. 2 is a Special Issue for Suri Ratnapala.


  • Richard Epstein, Natural Rights, Disequilibrium, and the Limits of Human Knowledge: An Appreciation For Suri Ratnapala
  • Jonny Anomaly and Geoffrey Brennan, Social Norms, the Invisible Hand, and the Law
  • Darryn Jensen, Keeping Public Law in its Place
  • Deepak Lal, Enlightenments Old and New - Faith and Reason
  • Todd Zywicki, Hayek's Jurisprudence: And Ratnapala's Hayek
  • Fred Miller, The Rule of Reason in Cicero's Philosophy of Law
  • Reid Mortensen, Specious Delusions: John Locke, Knowledge and Religious Toleration
  • Chandran Kukathas, A Definition of the State
  • Augusto Zimmerman and Lorraine Finlay, Suri Ratnapala's Contribution to the Understanding of the Rule of Law
  • Jonathan Crowe, Radicalising Hayekian Constitutionalism
  • James Allan, Collegiality in the Law School

Book reviews

  • Lawrence Alexander, Ekins, The Search For Legislative Intent
  • Peter McDermott, Huscroft, Miller and Webber, Proportionality and the Rule of Law - Rights, Justification, Reasoning
21 December 2016 4:38pm