Volume 34, No. 1 full-text


  • Tom Campbell and Stephen Morris, Human Rights For Democracies: A Provisional Assessment of the Australian Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act 2011
  • George Williams, Bryan Pape and His Legacy to the Law
  • Rebecca Ananian-WelshKuczborski v Queensland and the Scope of the Kable Doctrine
  • Victoria Colvin, Plea Bargaining and Miscarriage of Justice: A Case Study of the Prosecution of Gabe Watson, the So-Called 'Honeymoon Killer'
  • Luca Siliquini-Cinelli, Taking (Legal) Traditions Seriously, or Why Australian Contract Law Should Not Be Codified: An Unconventional Inquiry
  • Christina Do, Organic Food Labelling in Australia: A 'Murky Environment' in Need of Reform
  • Cody Stephens, Maximising Consent: Operationalising Reciprocity in Secession Referenda

Book review

  • Andrew Geddis, Review of Ritual and Rhythm in Electoral Systems: A Comparative Legal Account
10 July 2018 1:17pm