Volume 36, No. 2  2017 (full-text)


  • Grégoire Webber, Judicial Power and Judicial Responsibility

  • Nicholas Aroney and Benjamin Saunders, On Judicial Rascals and Self-Appointed Monarchs: The Rise of Judicial Power in Australia

  • Dwight Newman, Judicial Power, Living Tree-ism, and Alterations of Private Rights by Unconstrained Public Law Reasoning 

  • Maria Cahill and Seán Ó Conaill, Judicial Restraint Can Also Undermine Constitutional Principles: An Irish Caution 

  • Mark Elliott, Judicial Power and the United Kingdom’s Changing Constitution

  • Christopher McCorkindale, Aileen McHarg and Paul F Scott, The Courts, Devolution, and Constitutional Review

  • Gavin Phillipson, Brexit, Prerogative and the Courts: Why did Political Constitutionalists Support the Government Side in Miller?

  • Gunnar Beck, Judicial Activism in the Court of Justice of the EU

  • Paul Craig, Judicial Power, the Judicial Power Project and the UK

  • Richard Ekins and Graham Gee, Putting Judicial Power in its Place

6 September 2018 3:13pm