Volume 37 No. 1 2018 (view full-text)


  • Kit Barker, Modelling Public and Private Enforcement: The Rationality of Hybridity

  • Chris Noonan, Mediating Between Public and Private Enforcement in Multi-Jurisdiction Settings 

  • Barbora Jedličková, Beyond the Economic Approach: Why Pluralism is Important in Competition Law

  • Ross Grantham, To Whom does Australian Corporate and Consumer Legislation Speak?

  • Simon Bronitt and Alessia D’Amico, Fighting Cartels and Corporate Corruption — Public Versus Private Enforcement Models: A False Dichotomy?

  • Brent Fisse, Redress Facilitation Orders as a Sanction Against Corporations]

  • Caron Beaton-Wells and Julie Clarke, Deterrent Penalties for Corporate Colluders: Lifting the Bar

  • Renato Nazzini, Arbitrability of Cartel Damages Claims in The European Union: CDC, Kemira, Microsoft Mobile

  • Albertina Albors-Llorens, Antitrust Damages in EU Law: The Interface of Multifarious Harmonisation and National Procedural Autonomy

  • Andreas Stephan, Does the EU’s Drive for Private Enforcement of Competition Law have a Coherent Purpose?

  • Spencer Weber Waller, The Temple of Leniency: Thoughts Inspired by the Work of Laura Guttuso

6 March 2019 3:06pm