Technology using facial recognition, fingerprints and other data based on the human body is quickly becoming the norm in the name of protecting against terrorism, immigration breaches and other crimes.

This panel discussion will explore current biometrics applications in Australia, the laws that regulate them and how, in a time of increasing complexity, citizens can engage in policy debate on the rapid advancement of technology. 

Join our experts as they think through these issues in a conversation chaired by Radio National's Paul Barclay.  


Human Rights Commissioner, Edward Santow

Ed  is currently leading a project exploring the impact of technology on human rights as part of his role at the Australian Human Rights Commission. He is an expert in the areas of human rights, public law and discrimination law. 

Privacy Commissioner Phillip Green

As Privacy Commissioner, with the Office of the Information Commissioner, Philip promotes and champions privacy rights and responsibilities in Queensland. He has worked extensively in government and private practice and holds qualifications in technology law.

Professor Brian Lovell

Professor Brian Lovell is a leading researcher in the field of computer-based security and surveillance applications at the University of Queensland. His current research interests include robust face recognition and smart camera technology.

About Justice in Focus Series

The Justice in Focus Series is a collaboration between Caxton Legal Centre Inc., the University of Queensland Law School, Queensland University of Technology Law School and Griffith University Law School.

Established in 2013, the Justice in Focus Series brings together a panel of experts to discuss topical legal and socio-legal issues.


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