Compulsory for all first year students.

Get a head start with an exclusive behind the scenes introduction to the legal profession. See the law in action and hear from judges, barristers and solicitors. This event is designed to introduce students to the court process and the legal profession in Queensland. 

There will be six elements which each group will participate in on the day:

  1. Introduction to the Queensland Legal System
  2. Judges
  3. Introduction to a Criminal Trial
  4. Visit to a Criminal Trial or Sentencing Hearing
  5. The Legal Profession: Barristers
  6. The Legal Profession: Solicitors

Various times available, please see registration form. Keep a look out for more information in your welcome email from the Law School.

This event is organised jointly by the Law School and The University of Queensland Law Alumni Association (UQLA).

Student feedback

100% of past participants recommended this day to first year students. Student feedback:

  • “A good way to meet people, and an excellent tool of inspiration for the year.”
  • “It consists of a lot of highly relevant and useful information, and is honestly a highly entertaining and interesting way of orientating and preparing new students for their studies.” 
  • “I didn’t know much about the legal system and the law before this day – I wasn’t even sure the difference was between a Barrister and a Solicitor – but I’m glad this day cleared things up and I learnt a lot.”



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