March guest #2

Patrick O’Brien is a planning and environment lawyer at McCullough Robertson. He is regularly embroiled in planning law appeals, entangled in quasi-criminal enforcement actions, and provides administrative law advice for local governments. His job is quite litigious, and he frequently instructs barristers and appears in court.

But Pat had no plans to be a planning and environment lawyer – it was something he fell into. Before joining McCullough Robertson, Pat spent a year as an associate in the Federal Court of Australia, and prior to doing a P&E rotation as a graduate, had never done any planning or environmental law (and hated Administrative Law when he took it at UQ).  Unlike a lot of other lawyers in the area, Pat has never done a planning or environmental management degree, but instead studied economics.

Pat didn’t get clerkships at any of the big firms, and he firmly believes that you don’t need first class honours and a stacked résumé to find a great career in the law.

Join Patrick on Wednesday 27 March at 10.30am at BELTop Café for conversation and coffee.

Important information

Places at any Coffee Conversation are limited, so please do not register for the event unless you are definitely going to attend, otherwise you are taking up someone else’s spot. 

Please note the start time of the conversation and arrive on time.


If registrations are full and you would like to be put on the waiting list in case a space becomes available, please contact Jacqui Lynagh.



BELTop Cafe
Level 3, Colin Clark building (#39)
The University of Queensland
St Lucia campus