Topic: Rethinking Public Entities & Revenue Generation: A New Interdisciplinary Regulatory Model

Presenter: Emirenciana (Tyas) Nyantyasningsih, PhD Candidate, TC Beirne School of Law

Advisors: Prof Simon Bronitt and Dr Thea Louisa Voogt

Venue: Boardroom W353, Level 3, Forgan Smith building (#1)

Time: Wednesday 28 August 2019, 8-9am

Abstract: A range of factors determines how the State manages public assets: financial constraints, sustainability of infrastructure programs, as well as the role of law – ‘law on the books’ and ‘law in action’. A body of literature has been generated, exploring how state asset management (SAM) operates, and what is missing, however, is the socio-legal regulatory perspective. The key research problem is: what factors govern the policy, legal and regulatory framework governing SAM in Indonesia. A key concern affecting contemporary debates is to what extent these frameworks should extend to policy goals beyond ‘good stewardship’ and ‘revenue generation’. The thesis will investigate how the process, norms, and context for government accountability at the level of decision-making in relation to SAM. Three stages of investigative methods will be proposed for this project: comparative and contextual, critical synthesis and reform. This thesis promises to generate new knowledge about SAM governance in Indonesia (within a global context), as well as engaging in a wider debate about the role of interdisciplinary and socio-legal studies in shaping policy and law reform.

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Level 3, Forgan Smith building (#1)
The University of Queensland
St Lucia campus
Boardroom W353